Wyatt  x  Kona

Darwin - Angus - Clark Kent - Chloe - Skye - Mia

Contact:  Mary Grant                                                                                      


Orange, Red & Blue Boys                                        Orange, Green, & Pink Girls

Wyatt  x  Kona

CH Szizlins' Hold Yer Fire
CH Russet Leather Wild Ride  JH  RE

Kona's 1st Litter Whelped  12. 21. 09


produced 6 fabulous puppies:  purple, red, blue - 3 boys - and orange, pink, green - 3 girls


Dreaming of birds from the minute they were born and hoping Santa will bring some.

 Such a good mama! A nice day for a picnic.

Can a puppy be any cuter?
I'm trying on my Halloween costume
I'm gonna be a Shar Pei!


 Kona shows the pups how the game is played.  They learn fast!

Darwin - Full tilt boogie Angus - Already free stacking Clark Kent - I smell something good!

Chloe - Working on her point Mia - Tracking fool Skye - What's goin' on?

Clark Kent (blue) - Angus (red) - Darwin (purple) Mia (green) - Chloe (orange) - Skye (pink)

Skye ... so much like her mama, Kona.

Darwin earns his CH - photo coming soon!