GCH CH Russet Leather Wild Ride  JH  RE

Owners:  Mary Grant & Jamie Walton                                                                                                                         San Diego, CA

Contact:  Mary Grant
Group 2!    Kona & Val do it again!

Thank you Judge Nancy Liebes & Val Atkinson!  

Kona on point -- mm-mmm!  I love quail !

Kona -- an authentic surfer girl from San Diego

Obey the Vizsla.  What Kona wants, Kona gets.

Kona & Mary earn  Rally Advanced title - a truly Versatile Vizsla

Thank you Judge Bob Margolis!

Battue, you might be bigger than me, but I'll flat out school you on the beach!

Thank You Judge Sharon R. Lyons & Val Atkinson!

Kona's 1st Best of Breed Win !!

Thank you Judge Debbie Campbell & Beverley Wanjon!