Wild Bunch Vizslas
Home of the First 2 Grand Champion Master Hunters in the USA.
Congratulations  Tok & Battue!

Home of the First Coursing Ability Vizsla in the USA.
Congratulations  Redford!

Home of the First Father-Son Grand Champion Master Hunters in the USA.
Congratulations Tok & Zeke!

Home of the First Multiple BIS, Multiple BISS Grand Champion Master Hunter in the USA.
Congratulations Cody!

Home of the First GCH MACH in the USA.
Congratulations Tokaji!

                                           Tinka      Tokaji        Kona      Tomah      Tok         Otis         Cody   Redford   Bean

This litter truly demonstrates the meaning of "The Versatile Vizsla."

An amazing litter that produced 9 show Champions,
2 Master Hunters, 1 Senior Hunter, 3 Junior Hunters,
1 Master Agility Champion (MACH) and 1 Coursing Ability (CA) titles.

Several of the pups continue to compete and accumulate titles in 
agility, obedience, rally, coursing, hunt tests and field events.

When not competing, these spectacular dogs enjoy being spoiled as the special loved ones in their families.

So far, four of The Wild Bunch have produced 20 puppies who are shining in the show ring and in the field.
We are so very proud of all their accomplishments, and we look forward to sharing their adventures.

Watch for news of this litter here, and of their extended families.